License and Copyright Policy

License and Copyright Policy

Articles in Journal of Issues and Ideas in Education (Issues Ideas Educ.) by Chitkara University Publications are Open Access articles that are published with licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- CC-BY 4.0 International License. Based on a work at This license permits one to use, remix, tweak and reproduce in any medium, even commercially provided one give credit to the original source. 

The Journal's copyright and license policy to the author(s) and the reader gives freedom to use the published content with CC-BY Licence. 

Also, the authors are encouraged to submit the author’s copy (preprint) to appropriate preprint archives e.g. and/or on or institutional repositories (e.g., D Space). The author can replace it (preprint copy) with the published paper (if accepted for publications).

Authors' should mention the reference of the article, Journal, and DOI number of the publication carefully on the required page of the depository, in all above-mentioned cases.

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