About us

The Journal aims to offer educationists, teacher educators, administrators, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and theorists at large, the opportunity to share knowledge related to advancements in the field of education and its applications in other disciplines by emphasizing on originality, quality, importance and relevance of published work. This journal publishing articles bi-annually with double-blind peer-reviewed policy.

No article submission and processing fee (No APCs), journal publication policies, and related information are listed in the about section. The two issues are published in a year (March and September). The author(s) can submit the paper(s) anytime, through the online submission process. Journal sends an acknowledgement of paper submission first and puts it in the primary editorial process for checking the plagiarism, contribution, and relevance to the scope of the journal.

Journal provides the research article(s) to the target audience through academic search engines, repositories, and social media. The scientific community uses published papers of the journal without any paywall (NO APCs) or copyright restrictions (CC-BY) for quality research.

The Journal of Issues and Ideas in Education is an international peer-reviewed journal managed by Chitkara College of Education and published by Chitkara University Publications of the Chitkara University, Punjab, India. Chitkara University is a leading non-profit university of India and it has been established with the clear mission to pursue excellence in all fields of education and to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigor in all its work.

Since its inception in 2013, the journal has been devoted to rapid publication of original research articles, survey reports, and reviews from all branches of education, namely: psychology, philosophy, classroom teaching, evaluation, e-learning, information technology, educational management, administration and supervision, guidance and counseling, training of special children, educational technology, current issues in education and other related areas. However, since 2021, the journal has adhered to adopting a double-blind peer review policy and also considers accepting original articles/review papers/case studies, and invited editorials for publication. The journal was founded and is currently being managed by distinguished editorial board members, who have extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the journal maintains high standards of scientific publishing.

The Journal of Issues and Ideas in Education is published bi-annually with the following details: ISSN Print: 2320-7655, ISSN Online 2320-8805 and RNI No. CHAENG/2013/49611.