Issues Ideas Educ.


Message from the Chancellor

I feel honored and privileged to announce the launch of new Research initiative in the form of the Research Journal titled as: "Issues and Ideas in Education (Issues Ideas Educ.)". It is a venture to promote Research in the field of education and exchange as well as acceptance of intellectual ideas. The aim behind this initiative is that the Journal should go far beyond its regional and national boundaries and it promotes a culture of free exchange of research and ideas. This Journal would transform the local mind set of rigidity or conservatism to open mind set that are ready to accept new ideas and change with a spirit of harmony and accommodation. "Issues and Ideas in Education" Journal will serve as a platform to promote research in the vast and dynamic field of education between the academicians.
Dr. Ashok K Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab
Chitkara University,Himachal Pradesh

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

It gives me immense pleasure to present the inaugural issue of the Journal "Issues and Ideas in Education (Issues Ideas Educ.)". This Journal will serve as a platform for all the academicians for the dissemination of original and high quality research work in the field of Education. With the advent of globalization and privatization, education is also changing. Now education is not just about acquiring degrees, but it serves as an important aspect in fulfilling the ever changing needs of the society and the individual. The Journal thus, focuses on the relevant changes that the field of education is coming across in the present day scenario. The high quality research work done by the academicians would prove to be a source of in depth knowledge in this vast changing field. I congratulate Chitkara University for bringing out the first issue of this Journal. I strongly believe that we have great potential in becoming a leading Research Centre in the field of Education. Finally, I would like to express my applaud and appreciation to the Editorial Board and Advisory Board for their earnest efforts in ensuring that a high quality Journal is presented in front of the world.
Dr. Madhu Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab

Message from The Editor

It gives me immense pleasure in writing this message for the inaugural issue of the research journal "Issues and Ideas in Education (Issues Ideas Educ.)". The aim of Issues and Ideas in Education journal is to offer a medium for the proliferation of investigations in the field of education. We would strive to publish promptly quality research work after getting it reviewed from reputed experts in the field of education. Original research papers, review articles and comments on published work are all welcome. I would like to show gratitude to all the members of the Editorial Board for accepting the incitement to join the team and will look forward for their cooperation in making "Issues and Ideas in Education" Journal a triumph. I would also like to thank the team for making our journal a success.
Dr Sangeeta Pant
Issues & Ideas in Education