Relative Influence of Parents and Peers on Adolescents in Decision Making


  • Agnese Dhillon Dev Samaj College of Education Sector 36-B, Chandigarh–160036, India



Decision making, relative influence, parents, peers, adolescents


The present study was conducted to study the relative influence of parents and peers on adolescents’ in decision making. The sample comprised 200 adolescents of class VII and XII of which 100 were boys and 100 were girls. The sample for the research was selected by the descriptive survey method. The tool that was used for the data collection was Decision Making Test developed by the investigator. The students were given the questionnaire and the responses were collected. The data was analyzed using percentages keeping in mind the aims and objectives of the study. The results of the study show that the adolescents consulted their parents in all the matters but their decisions in few areas only was affected by the parents.


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