Contemporary Relevance of Bertrand Russell’s Views on Early Childhood Education


  • Runumi Sharma S.S.J. University, Almora, Uttarakhand-263601, India
  • Mamta Aswal Faculty of Education, S.S.J. University, Almora, Uttarakhand-263601, India



Bertrand Russell, Early childhood education, E.C.C.E., National Education Policy 2020


Bertrand Russell’s educational thoughts significantly deal with reforming education for school going children and he also supported pre-primary education. He favored early childhood education for physical, intellectual and character development. His emphasis on character development of a child shows the significance of early years of life for development of an individual. This paper aims at exploring Bertrand Russell’s thoughts on early childhood education. It is an attempt to understand the significance of early childhood education for the holistic development of the children. Though there are early childhood education is prevalent in our country, but it was not mandatory to get early childhood education till the approval of National Education Policy (N.E.P., 2020). It has included early childhood education in compulsory school education for promoting better learning and well being of a child. It is a qualitative research in which historical method has been used where data has been collected from primary and secondary sources. The finding of the study shows that Bertrand Russell’s
thought on early childhood education is relevant in present Indian context for developing good values, physical and mental development as well as in future learning. This shows that the encouragement to early childhood education and Bertrand Russell’s thoughts on early childhood education would be helpful for holistic development of children.


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Sharma, R. ., & Aswal, M. . (2021). Contemporary Relevance of Bertrand Russell’s Views on Early Childhood Education. Issues and Ideas in Education, 9(1), 33–37.



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