Role of Stream on The Occupational Aspirations And Career Maturity of The Students of Senior Secondary


  • Lilu Ram Jakhar Govt. College of Education, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh-160020, India



Career Maturity, Occupational Aspiration, Correlation, Adolescents, Stream


The adolescents’ occupational aspirations is affected by various factors such as intelligence, emotional stability, growth and development, peer group interest, family background, social and economic life and the cognitive maturity to select a career according to the one’s interest and needs. Adolescents’ career maturity is influenced by the attitude and the competencies of the individual. The study focused on finding out the relation between occupational aspirations and career maturity of the senior secondary school students according to their streams of study. The results of the study indicated no significant correlation between the occupational aspirations and career maturity of the arts stream senior secondary school students and it also shows no significant correlation between the occupational aspirations and career maturity of the science stream students of senior secondary classes.


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