An Analysis of Select Models of Rural Education in Developing Nations and Their Possible Applicability in India


  • Shweta Singh Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi



Rural Education, Fe y Alegria, Escuela Nueva, Child-to-Child Program


This study conceptually analyses select rural education models which have been implemented successfully in various developing countries. The models chosen for the study possess distinct features- administrative, financial, academic as well as ideological- which have led them to achieve better qualitative standards in education for rural and underprivileged children. The paper points out those features which resonate the most with the Indian socio-economic scenario and discusses the possibility of applying the same in the Indian rural education system. The study is based on the review and analysis of secondary sources. The researcher has accessed scholarly articles,research papers, published reports and online literature for the study.


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Shweta Singh. (2013). An Analysis of Select Models of Rural Education in Developing Nations and Their Possible Applicability in India. Issues and Ideas in Education, 1(2), 173–184.



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