Astronomical Misconceptions Prevalent Among High School Students of Kerala


  • Rakhy Radhakrishnan UGC-SRF Research Scholar, School of Pedagogical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.



Astronomy, misconceptions, Planetarium, Telescopes


Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies. It is basically an observational Science and astronomical objects are always in the sky and hence everybody will get some information from their observations which may or may not be true. These incorrect information forms misconceptions. In order to find astronomical misconceptions prevalent among High school students of Kerala, Survey method was adopted. Astronomy Misconception Inventory (AMI) containing 32 items was prepared and given to a sample of 300 students studying in different high schools of Kerala. The data obtained were subjected to percentage analysis. From the study it was found that majority of the high school students of Kerala have misconceptions related to Astronomy. It is hoped that this study will orient the curriculum planners to give more importance to Astronomy in the school curriculum.


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Rakhy Radhakrishnan. (2013). Astronomical Misconceptions Prevalent Among High School Students of Kerala. Issues and Ideas in Education, 1(2), 151–159.



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