Efficacy of Innovative Learning Engagement Modes


  • Shipa S. Popat Assistant Professor, Navrachan University, Bhaili, Vadodara, Gujarat India.




Innovative practices, learning engagement modes, efficacy, classroom pedagogy, classroom practices, teaching and learning


Change is an indispensible part of an organization. Change always brings modifications and alterations, which leads to innovations. Classroom pedagogy is not an exception in this. This research is an attempt in the direction to comprehend and make innovations in classroom learning. The paper focuses on the measuring the effectiveness of implemented innovative learning engagement modes in a regular classroom practices. The action research was carried out for this purpose. Sample includes the B.Sc. B.Ed. students of Navrachan University, Vadodara. Mainly, role play, interview, personal diary writing and analysis, bulletin board presentations, peer tutoring and mentoring were the learning engagement modes. The open ended questionnaire was constituted in order to collect the data. Content analysis was done to arrive at the findings and conclusion. The positive impact of the implemented methodologies has been observed form the findings. Findings also support the regular usage of these types of learning engagement modes in regular classroom practices.


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Shipa S. Popat. (2014). Efficacy of Innovative Learning Engagement Modes. Issues and Ideas in Education, 2(1), 83–91. https://doi.org/10.15415/iie.2014.21007



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