Education: An Instrument to Enhance Women Empowerment and Inclusive Growth


  • Bhavesh Jha MBA Business Sustainability, TERI University



Women Empowerment, illiteracy, Economic participation, Gender Neutrality, Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development


Education provides a basis for a positive change and transformation of the society. This exposes new and innovative thoughts, understanding and important skills in a person towards developing self and surroundings. Education empowers women to understand the economics of managing resources and grab the opportunities for value generation in a micro (household) and macro (societal) level. The topic exhibits about the necessity of women education and benefits thereto in the process of competitiveness of a society and a nation at large. Researchers say that educating a woman means educating a family. More empowered the women are; more empowered would be the society. Educated women have multiple advantages (tangible and intangible) as far as families’ and social needs are concerned. They play various roles as a responsible citizens, housewives, mothers etc. and also as contributors to families’ income. Women accounts for half of the human resource. Despite various awareness programmes, regulations worldwide on gender equality and women empowerment, the situation is not good. According to United Nations Development Programme, two thirds of global illiterate population is women. 7 out of 10 women are reported experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, says UN Women. Women earn only 10 % of all the income, only 1% of the property and yet produce half of the world’s food. Irrespective of class, culture or income, women are discriminated all over. The situation in developing and undeveloped countries is worse. According to a global poll by Thomson Reuters, India is said to be the 4th most dangerous country in the world. India needs to do a lot as far as security, freedom, economic empowerment etc. are concerned. Education can play a crucial role in enhancing their social status and empower them to stand against the discrimination. This is a tool to encourage them to attain self reliance and gives them power to fight against the evils.


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